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A three week immersion program that is straight up yoga.

Turns out there are 100 million people in North America who would really want to try it but are intimidated by Yoga studies or are turned off by the vibe.

Yoga improves your:

The benefits of Yoga are wide ranging and wide researched.

How is the three weeks constructed?

Think about a three-week Yoga immersion.

  • Week 1 is Foundation Week. Where just as is sounds, proper form, basic postures of Yoga is there.
  •  Week 2 is Expansion Week. Where you’ll expand all that you’ve learned in week one.
  •  Week 2 is Progression Week, where you really challenge yourself and see how far you’ve come in three weeks.

There will be four yoga trainers and you will be exposed to different styles, different personalities that you guys might like.

By the end of three weeks, you will now have this foundation of yoga, that now, if you want to go to a specific direction, and start doing that and experiment with it; now you have this baseline and you can walk in any yoga studio and you can feel welcome and tell yourself: “alright I’m gonna give this a shot because I already have a foundation of good yoga”.

This program doesn’t look like any other Yoga program.

It will be launching on September 1st.

  •  It’s going to be 21 days and 21 classes.
  •  It’s going to be 30 minutes max, somedays 10 minutes somedays 20 minutes.

All you have to do is have a Beachbody on demand membership.

How much will it cost extra to unlock the three-week yoga retreat?

  • ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It comes free with your membership.